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Last Ditch Pipe Repair

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This is our first try at using video to help other irrigators.  This is a short explanation of how to repair an in-line pipe break where an expansion coupling isn't practical.   We're asking for your email address so we can see who and how many views we get.  Thanks for watching.  Please leave your feedback so we know how we're doing. 

Here's the video.

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Creative Uses For Irrigators Using iPads

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The largest change in the irrigation contractor's technology has been, and remains to be in communication, and this by no means should be exclusive to the business of communication, but can and is being used as a means of expediting several tasks that normally require more time, more equipment, or more bodies to execute.

The use of smart phones, I-pads, and other technology for the irrigator will not only clear up any misunderstandings in the field, but will actually be the next best thing to being there when "being there" is not possible.

Okay, so what does this mean for the irrigator, how can more communication tech help me and my business?

  • Not only will communications be improved, but you will have the ability to video call one another to ensure that you and your team have complete understanding of the job.
  • Every picture tells a story.  With the help of pics and video, you will be able to share footage of a job for future bidding, and have footage instantly downloaded to your office computer, as well as individuals on your team that need the info.
  • With GPS capabilities, you can find and locate job sites off the beaten path, or find out where your employees are at any time.
  • Having an I-pad handy in the field will not only show your clients that you mean business, but that you are in business to stay.  You can instantly go over plans, and or changes according to your customer's specs to confirm understanding of the job, and eliminate any knee-jerking in the end when they get their bill.
  • If you need to find the nearest supply store in an emergency, their business hours, and location, you can use your phone or tablet to Google them, and be in and out before your problem becomes a bigger one.
  • Check emails between clients and business, and answer them while you are in the field – you will always be in touch with your business.

So, what can communication technology do for the irrigator and irrigation contractor?  You will be able to take your business where ever you go, and put some of the pressure back on your competition… where it belongs.

Speaking of competition, beat them in the referral game by understanding how to us the Internet to nurture word-of-mouth advertising.

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The Irrigator’s Smartphone. Do You Need One?

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Smartphones may very well be phones that are smarter than we are.  Slim and portable, smartphones are capable of carrying everything important to us wherever we go.  Do you NEED one?  You can decide, but it could sure make the irrigation contractor's life a whole lot easier.  Here's some features that are compatible with most smartphones:

On-the-go Scheduling

Most smartphones, whether Apple or Android based, have calendars and event schedulers already built in.  This allows you, while in the middle of an irrigation job, to quickly schedule a meeting or appointment on your phone and get right back to work.  You can set the appointment up with a reminder to let you know the appointment is coming up.  Most calendar programs allow you to set your own preference on reminders: a day before the event, a week, an hour, whatever you want to help you remember those important dates and times.  Most calendar applications also allow you to share the appointment with others, making it super easy to let co-workers know there is something coming up.

All smartphones these days come with an on-board camera.  Cameras can be extremely helpful when on a job.  You can take before and after pictures of the actual irrigation work for your customer files, as proof of what you did on the job, or simply some nice before and after shots for your portfolio.  Pictures can be stored and attached to customer files later, or can be attached to your mobile customer files if you have a customer tracking application.

There's an App for that
There truly is an 'app' for just about everything.  A search of the Android Market shows applications that are convenient and cost effective for an irrigator to use.  Some of the apps listed are: measuring distances, job estimating, time tracking, customer records, job site trackers, etc.

Some applications are pretty robust.  They include maintaining irrigation customer files, measuring distances for irrigation on site, preparing quotes that you can e-mail from your phone, and more.  Some apps even allow you to connect with vendors so you can check available stock!  Talk about convenience!

With today's technology, there is no reason an irrigation contractor has to struggle to do it all by himself.  Mobile apps and smartphones make it easy to be a one (or three) man show!

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