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Irrigation CEU Classes


Looking for Irrigation Training?

Irrigation Training for Business Owners/Managers



We think we know who you are: You’re a Texas licensed irrigator or irrigation technician that could have taught the CEU classes you’ve been to lately. Maybe they fit the definition of irrigation training, but they were redundant and boring. You’ve experienced what we call, “sawing sawdust.”

licensed irrigator falling behind, snail on unicycleDo you worry about falling behind? Are you busy, but have a nagging voice that says the new tools and technology are passing you by? Would you like to be more efficient but don’t know where to start? Have you experienced the sinking feeling of loosing a job even though your price was lower? Do you wonder why Price seems to be the sole differentiating consideration? Have you heard about how much faster design can be by using Computer Aided Design (CAD), but don’t have the time to learn all the new tools? Is your marketing plan to hand out business cards at the Chamber mixer–when you have time to attend?


You’ve told us our classes are good, but they’re not for everybody.

CAD Class • Come if you know the Windows® computer interface. You don’t have to be a computer whiz by any means, but you need to be comfortable working in Windows®. You don’t have to know anything about CAD, but you do need to know irrigation design. If you don’t know design, get up to speed on that first. Most people leave this class confindent of being able to draw and design any irrigation plan.
Business Skills • Come if you own or manage a green industry business, or, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you want to prepare for starting your own business. We study modern tools and ways of looking at your financial statements in a way that gives you solid, actionable information.
Identity Crisis • This is a class on marketing your green business in a new marketing world. Know that we are going to ask you to do some mental stretching that you put down on paper.
Repair! • You don’t even have to be an licensed irrigator for this class to apply, but you do need to know something about irrigation installation. And you need to want to learn how to repair sprinkler systems. A lot of repair is changing the way you think. So, come prepared to use that space between your ears.